It’s beginning to look a lot like, um, well… Winter is finally here in Iowa!

We have been extremely spoiled by our extended fall season, temperatures in the 40s and 50s for a majority of November and December, but all good things must come to an end. Winter has finally arrived, and it is COLD out there. I HATE the cold and snow. Many people ask me why not move some place warmer, well, because Iowa is my home. I was born here, raised here, and this is where my husband and my family are.

Yesterday morning my hatred of winter grew, my normally 20 minute commute took me almost an hour due to snowy roads. I can’t believe they can’t get them cleared better. I also can’t believe the amount of people who think they are invincible in this weather. Just because you have four wheel drive, doesn’t mean you need to drive 60 MPH on snow and ice. 4 wheel drive will not save you, the roads are still slick.
I have heard time and time again, you chose to buy a house out of town, don’t complain about the commute, well I am complaining, because there is no reason the city and county workers can’t clear the roads better. This is nothing new and happens year after year. Normally this time of year, there excuse is budget related. We can’t clear the roads because we used all our money and resources in November and December, well what is there excuse THIS YEAR. You aren’t telling me they are out of money and resource, unless they weren’t given any budget this year. It has snowed 3 times total this winter season, that is nothing in normal Iowa winter terms.

When driving home yesterday, I counted 12 cars in the ditch between Iowa City and West Liberty. That just should not be happening. I am guessing some was driver error, over correcting, under correcting, going too fast, etc, and most of it was due to road conditions.

Even after all of this, I will stay in Iowa, I will not move closer to Iowa City, and I will continue to be a careful driver. Most of all I will continue to complain about the lack of snow and ice removal until the city and or county changes things.