Please hold the bread, and almost all processed food – {Iowa City Gluten Free Mom}

After 12 years dealing with stomach pains, nausea, and vomiting almost every night, I decided to go gluten-free. I first noticed pains in high school, and as I started to get a little older the nausea and constant vomiting started happening, … Continue reading

I’ve got 100 resolutions, but I’ve got no solutions.

Ok so that may not be totally true, I do not have 100 resolutions, and I do have some solutions for my resolutions. The title for today’s wanderings comes from one of my favorite songs from The Lawrence Arms, 100 Resolutions.
I just want to start off with a little factoid I heard on the radio, 75% of the population that make resolutions drop them by Jan 10. I have to say, I really didn’t pin mine down until then. Yes, I have more than one, and I am calling them goals instead of resolutions. I feel that it may be easier to achieve and maintain a goal rather than a resolution.
My first goal is to do just this. I have wanted to write freely for some time, but timing in my life just wasn’t right. I would start a blog for this business venture that I was doing, and that business venture I was trying, but never really had a blog about nothing, and that is what I wanted. A full blog about my life, my goals, my dreams, what I like, what I don’t like, my family, and me. I plan to write daily, but as I continue to state, I digress, so may only be ever other, to every third day. I do not want to go below 3 times a week, which is totally achievable.
Goal number 2 is to eat healthy and to lose weight as a result. I have had a long standing issue with my stomach. I have had this and that test resulting in no concrete evidence of anything serious, so they told me I have IBS, which is the doctors standard diagnosis when they do not know what is going on with the insides. The problem is I have also been told that they think I am slightly lactose intolerant and have a gluten problem. I have had two gluten blood tests and both were negative, but were also told that they get false negatives with those tests all the time. They suggested an elimination diet for the gluten, but I have never followed through. Which is silly, a gluten allergy can really destroy your intestines and stomach. The dairy, I can usually tell how much I can have, and when I have had too much. So I am proposing an elimination of dairy and wheat (gluten). So far, I have only had one full day gluten free, I usually cave to dairy; again, I know how much my body can take. The problem I am finding, gluten is in EVERYTHING. McDonald’s French Fries have wheat in them, WTH?? They are potatoes; they shouldn’t have wheat, but do because of a flavoring they add. All of you will be hearing more about my dietary challenges as I will need something to write about every day.
Third goal is to open a photo studio, and make my living from photography. Currently my photo business is a part time job, and I would love to make it full time. I have some ideas and plans on this that I want to implement, but not sure if the timing is quite right. I will be writing more on my photo biz and studio venture as well as my participation in a monthly photo project on my photo blog, and will most likely press photo blog posts over here.
Fourth goal, is to keep up with my family, and everything that entails. My son may be starting a clinical trial this spring for his DMD, we will be taking a family trip to Disney later this winter, and I want to be there for every good and bad moment my family has for me.
Ok, so not too many goals to concur. I think the hardest for me is going to be my gluten free challenge. I will keep everyone posted on my ventures!!
I will conclude my rambling with another snippet from the above mentioned song:
This year I’ll try not to think too much.
This year I’ll try to only listen to myself.
This year I’ll try to stand up for myself.
This year I’ll live like I’ve never lived before,
This is my year for sure!