Open your big beautiful eyes and enjoy the simple things in life!

As adults this is something that most of us forget to do…enjoy the simple things. It seems like it would be an easy, simple thing to do, but really as you get older and life starts to compound, this phrase gets thrown out the window. I got thinking about this when driving into town this morning. I have a 20 minute drive through the country to get into town so I often use this time to reflect on things that are happening in my life. As of late I have tons of things to think about, my son, my husband, money, TTC, my business, do I have enough time for everything…blah blah blah. I have been known to laugh, to cry, to sing, to scream, and to just mindlessly drive.
Today it was a bitterly cold day, Mr. Frost was in the air. The sun was out, and as a photog I really think I see things differently than most… have a keen eye for beauty. This morning was beautiful! I couldn’t help but notice the pinkish purple horizon, and how the sun was interacting with the clouds causing the wonderful morning colors. As I drove on, I kept my eyes open for other baubles that struck my fancy. There was one thing I really never noticed before today. It reveled itself as if it were playing a game of hide and seek with me. In the ditch, there seemed to be a glow, a glistening if you will. I couldn’t quite make it out and in an instant, I had passed the spot in question. I couldn’t keep my mind off of it, what had I seen that was so… sparkly? One thing you must know about me…I LOVE SPARKLE, the more glitter, glisten, and shine the better. I kept driving and there it was again now on the other side of the road. What the heck, OH DUH!, it is just frost on the land, catching the rays of sun. For a split second I felt like an idiot, did it really take me this long to figure out what I was seeing? Yep, it did. But once I realized what it was, the ditches sparkled all the way to town. A simply beautiful way to start the day. This morning I enjoyed the simple science of reflection. What have you enjoyed lately?