Kids are So FUNNY!

The other day we were in the dollar store grabbing a few needed items. We were in the soap aisle and Caedan saw some germ-x (hand sanitizer). So he asked if he could get some, it was a travel size bottle, and I of course said yes. I didn’t know what I was getting into by agreeing to purchase the sanitizer for him. We got into the car.
“Where is my hand sanitizer?”
“It is in the bag, you can have it when we get home.”
“I want it before we eat.”
We were on our way to Subway before heading home. We got it to go.
“We are getting it to go; you don’t need it ‘til we get home.”
We pull into the drive way, instantly, “where is my hand sanitizer?” Really, I think to myself, or I may have said it out loud. “We will get it out when we get inside and settled.”
We get in the door; get settled after letting the dogs out. I give him his sanitizer and we ate. He carried his sanitizer around with him from room to room, activity to activity all night. When it was time for bed, he asked to take it upstairs. I had no objections. I told him to put it on the night stand after he went to the bath room. I had already gotten in bed at that point.
The next morning I go to get him up for school, and guess what is in his hand. The sanitizer.
“Caedan, did you sleep with that?”
“Cuz, I want to.”
We go down stairs to get some food I take the hand sanitizer and put it on the desk. Caedan totally freaks out. “I want my hand sanitizer!” I let him use a squirt then made him eat his breakfast. After breakfast, I asked if he wanted to take a bath. Nope, no bath. I just had to sit there and laugh. He was super obsessed with this hand sanitizer, but didn’t want to take a bath. KIDS!
The love affair with the hand sanitizer lasted only a couple of days, then the novelty wore off…I guess?


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