Please don’t censor me!

SOPA and PIPA, two acronyms that have been given tons of attention this week are currently leaving the future of the internet up in the air. In case you have been living under a rock, or don’t frequent the internet very often, SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act, and PIPA is the Protect IP Act, they are essentially the same thing, just one bill is in the house and the other is in the senate. Congress and Hollywood are trying to “protect” copyright laws by taking down websites they deem questionable. I do not think this is right or fair!
But Tara, you are a writer and a photographer, don’t you worry about your work being taken?
Of course I do, just like any other person that has creative abilities, and I hope that if my work is shared, I get full credit. But, I don’t feel that the bills how they are currently written are fair to Americans. The way they are written leave too much open for interpretation, they are nondescript, and I am sure will cause more harm than good, and that is why most Americans are protesting these bills right now.
You may be thinking, ok, this is all great information, but how does this affect me? Quick answer to that, do you like Facebook? Well, it would be gone, taken down due to people sharing photos, quotes, clips, and so on that are not theirs. Do you like YouTube, Twitter, Ebay, blogs, forums?? All the same thing, they risk being taken down do to copyright issues. Here is the kicker, there doesn’t need to be an actual infringement on copyright, there only has to be an allegation for the site to be shut down.

To read more about these bills visit my friends at CNET.
To sign the petition visit Google’s take action page.

This is very important, don’t let the government censor you!


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