Beautiful and Bald Barbie

As a mom with a child with a progressive illness, I very much understand the importance of comforting  sick children, and taking their mind off of the illness as much as possible. I first started seeing talks about a bald Barbie on facebook the first week of January. I have been a long time cancer advocate, it used to be my platform when competiting in the Miss America Organization. Little girls need this as a coping tool and to see that they are normal little girls too.
I have started to follow the facebook page Beautiful and Bald Barbie
and am amazed at the amount of press this campagin is getting in just the last few hours. I love seeing that the Huffington Post has done a story, USA today, ABC News and the Boston Globle have all done stories on this campagin. I love that there is so much support out there for such a wonderful cause.
I really hope Mattel responds to all this press positively, and mass produces a stylish bald Barbie for young ladies everywhere.
We need to let our children know that sickness doesn’t need to be depressing, and I think that this Barbie would help those who are going through a illness that causes hair loss!

Photo courtesy of Beautiful and Bald Barbie

Much love,
The Wandering Mom!


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